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Suitable for Institutes and Organisations from small to large size.

  • Allow or Block Web-Sites
    Allow and Block Web-Sites in Offices / Institutes / Organisations.
  • Easy to Install
    No special System Administrator skills or resources required
  • Policy Management
    Manage policies remotely from any location
  • Policy Control
    Apply different policies as per the Department
  • Improve Productivity
    Keep employees focused on work related sites.Improve Productivity of your Staff
  • Category Control
    Block sites using Category Control like facebook.com, porn sites or Online Games etc
  •  Block streaming Media
    Block streaming Media like Videos, MP3 Songs and Downloads
  • Fast Internet
    Keep your Office internet Link Speed fast and available for critical official usage
  • No Special Hardware
    This software does not require any special Server or Hardware
  •  Remote Installation
    Support Remote Installer for Active Directory
  •  Website Control
    Each Website can be Allowed or Blocked for entire 24 Hours or for only specific time Slots
  • Time Control
    Administrator can switch the entire Internet Access ON or OFF as per the Day of Week and Time
  •  Block Torrent Downloads
    Block Torrent Downloads in Corporate and Office networks.
  • Set Download Size Limit
    You can set File Size Download limit in Policy.Saving internet link speed and bandwidth
  • Block Attachment
    Internet attachment Blocking for mailing sites like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail etc.
  • Application Control
    you can block or allow "Teamviewer", "Orbit Downloader", "DAP" or "IDM"
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