Block websites and categories

In this video we show the feature of blocking websites and categories like Pornography ,Social Networking etc. No need to individually add each web-site. You can block websites as per different popular categories like Social Networking, Video, Music, Porn etc. is effective and very easy to use.
Time : 9 mins

Block Torrent Downloads and Torrent Apps

In this video we show the feature of blocking Torrent Downloads and Torrent Applications like BitTorrent, uTorrent etc.
Torrents consume a lot of bandwidth and internet speed of the organisation, thus slowing down link speed for productive and critical work applications.
Time : 4 mins

Feature Attachment Control

In this video we demonstrate to you the powerful features of
Attachment Control allows corporates to set a policy to block any attachements to any email sites, it also block HTTP Upload of Confidential Files.
Time : 3 mins